Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Narrow path

This is a path in El Salvador.  It is actually water drainage used as a path.  It  runs about 400 feet from the house to the street where it hits a ditch.  Until a week ago, this house was just adobe with mud floors.  Now, there are two rooms that no longer leak water from underneath and have concrete floors for the family to feel secure in the integrity of their home.

To put in this concrete floor, we had to carry bags/buckets of gravel, rock, and cement up this path.

400 Feet uphill in a path that is not really a path

This was the first task I had on my trip to El Salvador.  All the while, I was working on one of my lessons for the youth there on "How can God use me now?"  God demonstrates great things with opportunities to simply live for Him.  Doing the things that He calls us to do, we can be His light to the world around us.  It is not about having to wait until what seems like a great opportunity comes along... Love God and the people you are around daily to make a difference.  

Regardless of who you are or the background you come from, build upon this.  Do the things He calls you to do and let it grow from there.  There are many ways He can work in you if you allow Him to.  Serve people.  Pray.  Share with others what God has done for you.  Study His Word.  Live life in pursuit of what He calls us to: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (for starters).  Oh, the difference that can be made by simply letting yourself be who God created you to be.

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